Eli Whitney assignment

Eli Whitney assignment Words: 242

His 1793 invention of the cotton gin had many try misinformed the Southern economy and affected the entire nation as well. Interchangeable pa arts, developed by Whitney at the end of the century helped the Northern factories just as the co ton gin had helped plantations in the South. Meanwhile, the South came to rely more heavily on s lave labor to tend expanding plantations.

Eli Whitney made the American Civil War much more lie Kelly with the cotton gin but improved the Union’s chances because of interchangeable part The most recognized accomplishment of Whitey’s was the invention of the c tone gin. Developed in 1 793, it replaced the laborious role slaves played in separating t he cotton seeds from fibers that Whitney had observed as a tutor in the deep South. The engine onions machine multiplied productivity by fifty. Overall, it made the cotton industry a worth ill investment.

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Whitney gave the cotton industry, and slavery with it, new life. In this way, Hi teen made the Civil War more likely by revitalization slavery and the South’s desire for it. Planet RSI moved westward, eager to produce the now very profitable cotton as much as possible lee. The cotton gin intertwined the economies of the North and Southampton grown in the South would be transported to textile mills in the North, where it could be traded within the c entry or be exported globally.