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First, we must know what is brand, brand positioning and marketing strategy it self? Why they are so important for your business? And how they can influence our target market to choose your brand? Well, we start from what is brand first. What is Brand? “make it simple, but significant” According to the American Marketing Association defines a brand as “a name, term, sign, symbol, or design, or a combination of them, intended to identify the goods or services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of competitors. From that definition, we can easily understand that brand must have a unique identity to become differentiator with other competitors and this can have a throng relationship with the customers. And we call it branding, when that identity, idea or symbol is marketed and it is recognizable by more and more people with a certain service or product, when there are many other companies offering the same service or product. So, branding is the activity to make or developing brand more connected emotionally to the customers.

Therefore it is makes sense to understand that branding is about getting your prospects to see our brand as the only one that provides a solution to their problem. There are several objective that a good brand will achieve, included: 0 Delivers the sage clearly 0 Simple and Easy to Recognized 0 Confirms your credibility 0 Connects your target prospects emotionally 0 Motivates the buyer 0 Concretes User Loyalty, del. As mention above, we know all the objective is in customer perception, like the fundamental business trust said: “customers build brand not companies”. It is true because although companies put out the message, make the tagging of brand and so on, but it is customer who experience the brands and become emotionally connected to those brand and make brand their own that actually build brands. So, we can tell gain and again that our product is the best, but until our customers experience it, believe the brand promise, and develop perception of it. Our brand has a little change to growth because the matter is what your customers think about your brand. What is Brand Opposition? “… Positioning is what you do to the mind of the prospect… Rises-Trout Brand Positioning is about how a brand or product perceived in the mind of consumers in relation to competitor’s brand in the marketplace. According to Philip Settler, Positioning is the act of designing a company’s offering and image to occupy a extinctive place in the minds of the target market. In other side Rises and Trout also said that “Positioning start with the product. But Positioning is not what you do to the product. Positioning is what you do to the mind of the 1 Kettle, Philip, Kevin Lane Keller, Marketing Management (14th edition), Pearson Education International Mac Grab Hill, 2009. Susan Genius, What is Brand? prospect”. From that definition, we know that the goal of brand positioning is to locate the brand in the minds of consumers to maximize the potential benefit to the rim and try to be the first to get into the consumer’s mind.. A good brand positioning helps guide marketing strategy by clarifying the brand’s essence, identifying the goals it helps the consumer achieve, and showing how it does so in a unique way.

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A good positioning also mush has “foot in the present” and a “foot in the future” to be somewhat aspiration’s so the brand has room to grow and improve. Positioning requires that marketers define and communicate similarities and differences between their brand and its competitors. Specifically, deciding on a positioning requires: 1) determining a frame of reference by identifying the target market and relevant competition, (2) identifying the optimal points of parity and points of difference brand associations given that frame of reference,and (3) creating a brand mantra to summarize the positioning and essence of the brand.

After marketer know what brand positioning they choose, and what is the goal of his brand positioning that must locate in the mind of prospects consumers, the next question is how to get into there(prospect consumer’s mind)? Consumer’s mind are inundated with message everyday. There is no time to sort wrought diluted messages or find one’s way out of a Jumble of confusing messages. The basic approach that we can use to get into consumer mind is not to create something new or different, but manipulate what already in mind.

As Pace Undersell said: “Its is difficult to change behavior but easy to work with it” as I know this statement remind me about to find unique position we must find it inside existing mind’s perception of our prospect’s consumers. There are several aspect that you need to castration to get into customer’s mind are: 0 Simplicity 0 Subtlety 0 Courage 0 Willingness to scarify 0 Objectivity Patient What is Marketing Strategy? Marketing strategy allow you to use pathway and foothold that apply your limited marketing budget more effectively’ Marketing strategy is the way a firm effectively differentiates itself from it’s competitors by capitalizing on its strengths (both current and potential) to provide consistently better value to customers than its competitors. 3 All marketing strategy built on segmentation, targeting, and positioning (STEP). This can show below how marketing strategy are build on STEP. It also shows the chronological dependency of the different activities. 3 http://Davies. M/what-is-strategic-marketing/ Figure 1 The Process-data Model Segmentation, Positioning and Targeting On the right side of the model the concepts resulting from the activities are showed. The arrows show that one concept results from one or more previous concepts; the concept can not be made when the previous activities have not taken place. Below the three main activities are shortly described as well as their role as a basis for the next step or their dependency on the previous step. 4 Segmentation, is the process of dividing the market into segments based on customer characteristics and needs.

After the most attractive segments are selected, a company should not directly start targeting all these segments other important factors come into play in defining a target market. Targeting is about selection of a suitable market segment (or segments) with the intention of heavily focusing the firm’s marketing offers and activities towards this group of related consumers. Positioning is the target market’s perception of the product’s key benefits and features, relative to the offerings of competitive products. Once a positioning strategy has been developed, the firm moves to implementation.

This is the development of a marketing mix (product, place, price and promotion is known as UP) that will support the positioning in the marketplace. This requires suitable products need to be designed and developed, at a suitable price, with suitable distribution channels, and an effective promotional program. The focus of strategy is to make marketing become more effectively and you should make sure that your products and services meet customer needs and developing long-term and profitable relationships with those customers.

To achieve this, you will need to create flexible strategy that can respond to changes in customer perceptions and demand. It may also help you to maximize a firm’s positive differentiation over competitors in the eyes of its target market which is become the goal of marketing strategy. It does this by answering 3 key questions; where, how and when should the business compete. Simply put, the Role of Marketing Strategy is to decide: 1 . Which markets to compete in (where to compete)? 2. What the basis of the firm’s competitive advantage is going to be (how to compete)? . When and how the firm will enter each market (when to compete)? All activity above can be summarize as a successful formula below:5 MARKETING STRATEGY MARKETING PLAN O IMPLEMENTATION = SUCCESS Relationship Marketing Strategy, Brand & Brand Positioning “Consumers do not buy what you sell, they buy what has value to them” Howard Sausage As discussed above, the brand is an identity of a product to differentiate it among other competitors and it can have a strong relationship with the prospect’s consumers.

Bothersome Brand Positioning are more emphasis within the perception of how to get into the consumer’s mind and have a place in the hearts prospects consumers themselves. From both of brand or brand positioning, we can decide to create an initial marketing strategy to develop target markets, and then create a basically steps that can be compiled or analyzed in a marketing plan document as the end result of a marketing strategy we create to get into the market more effectively. Why we call it initial? Because marketing strategy not done after product is marketed.

After product is marketed or product get into the market with brand positioning that we take. We still need to review our marketing strategy to know about the perceptions of our prospects consumer’s mind. And change it whenever deed, this is done to strengthen the differentiation brand image that we created. This is done in order to make brand positioning still relevant to the perception of prospect consumer’s mind which has can change at any moment. Therefore there is a strong relationship between the brand, brand 4 Segmentation and Positioning, Marketing Strategy vs. Marketing Plan 5 4 positioning and marketing strategy. Which at the first time the brand, brand consisting was developed as a guide intended to make in the marketing strategy. But after a product is marketed, marketing strategy and brand positioning are made subject to change in line with the perception that can be built in the minds of the consumer itself by building emotional connections to the consumers themselves. Illustrate Relationship Marketing Strategy, Brand and Brand Position into Extra Joss Product History of Extra Joss Extra Joss was born on August 14, 1994 birth was triggered by the thought that increasingly more people who need energy drinks including the health of the social economic status (SEES) to the middle. The problem at the time of the sale price of existing energy drink products yet affordable middle class down because there is no market players in order to make inroads into the product more affordable price.

Given the core competencies of PET Banning Tuxedoed (87) is located on pharmaceutical drugs in powder form and packaged in sachets then 87 intends to present a health drink powder in sachet packaging too. With so 87 able to reduce the cost of sales because the product does not require bottled and transportation becomes more efficient. The idea of the name of Extra Joss obtained because it is easy to remember, impel, fresh impression with the two letters “s” double strong and his personality fits with sachets of products that will be developed.

The word “Joss” is derived from social interaction Curably dialect is known for outspoken and blunt. There “Joss” meaningful efficacious or okay. Not surprisingly, East Java 87 then chose as the location for product launch of Extra Joss, particularly – in the city of Curably and Manual. Soft launching of Extra Joss conducted in Manual and Curably began 1994 Having ascertained that all are on the right track recently made the launching in April 1995, with distributors Wisecracks Overseas International

Brands of Extra Joss As this paper mention in early page, brand is identity of the good or SE seller or group of seller and to differentiate them from those competitor as energy drinks brand from Banning Tuxedoed Company has successful good of Indonesian brands. Why? Extra Joss with deliver very clearly mess simple and easy to recognize to our Indonesia society, and with the word derived from social interaction dialect in Curably which have a mean effective is a word that is found, introduced and used as the first brand This word is also can connects targets prospects emotionally. And this w have strong relationship with the customers.

So patents held by Extra Joy dominant because of the use of the word “Joss” on the brand. Placing a consumer’s mind is often pronounced with Jargon. “Belie banyan butt a botany” is one of the Jargon that is inherent in the consumer’s mind. Brands and logos ‘Extra Joss’ as drink which is addition an energy. Brand Extra implies power, communicated with hand clenched in accordance 6 Extra Joss History, 5 Brand Positioning Extra Joss There are many way to develop a positioning with particular brand, such Positioning with Product Characteristic, Positioning According Product CIA

Positioning with Culture, Positioning directly against Competitor , Position protrusion Price, Positioning with Protrusion Function/Benefit, and Posit User Protrusion Product. First Extra Joss take Positioning as banyan/kin drink. So, Extra Joss take Positioning with Function/Benefit. This positions must be support by a solid differentiation. If we look at the content extra offering an unique and solid differentiation. The content that extra Joss offer is same as another brand that is energy drink with offer the benefit which not much different from other companies.

But you cannot forget that a solid differentiation can be achieve by context and infrastructure. Through context, extra Joss offer something which is completely different. Extra Joss show energy drink with sachet form. With tagging “In banyan butt pap botany” as initial strategy proved to be quite successful to get into the market. Gambia Seating Positioning, Differentiation Brand Extra Joss Marketing Strategy Extra Joss Extra Joss take the way to effectively their marketing, it comes with a strong differentiation through the context. It provide a better value to the consumer to become a pioneer in energy drinks in the sachet form.

By taking the low-middle racket segment, Extra Joss targeting truck drivers as the target market with target market strategy choose villages and then surrounded the city. In term, after a quite stable market share then tried to make an exodus to the city with the tagging “banyan minimum bringer”. With expectation wherever would still be “banyan minimum bringer”. To improve the positioning in the marketplace, Extra Joss also develop a marketing mix first, to get into the market more effectively by design the suitable product, price, distribution channels and effectively promotion programs.

The marketing mix which is created by Extra Joss namely: Extra Joss offer a product that is quite practical in early soft launching product to make an energy drink which is non liquid [powder in sachets form by bringing the tagging “banyan minimum bringer”. Extra Joss has benefits to increase energy, help maintaining the health of the body, refresh the body and help the body’s metabolism which is intended for hard-working and who have dynamic activity. Price The price that is offered by Extra Joss is quite cheaper compared to its competitors.

Extra Joss come as a pioneer of energy drink with non liquid drinks/powders in sachets, so that it can reduce the cost. The price offered is around 1000 rapid per sachet. So it is relatively affordable for consumers who have limited purchasing power. And indeed the initial target of Extra Joss is a low-middle class up consumers. Place Extra Joss initially using small shops and stalls until hawkers to marketed is product. This is due to the low market Extra Joss targeting middle up class. Promotion Advertising contributes to the positioning of a product.

In ad included many components such as who’s talking, the rhythm of the music, the background taking pictures and people involved in it. As the slogan Extra Joss “buy banyan why buy he bottle” is an ad that blamed each other indirectly by carrying practicality has offer through the use of sachet packaging that is easy to carry. How the strong relationship among Brand, Brand Positioning and Marketing Strategy can make Extra Joss become the Market Leader? As we said above that extra Joss take the way to effectively their marketing, it comes with a solid differentiation through the context they make.

With the brand which has clearly message and easy to recognize with word “Joss” in their brand, make the brand has emotional connected to prospect consumer’s mind. First soft launched Extra Joss display energy drink in sachets package which is a pioneer in energy drink on the sachets package with the tagging “In banyan, butt pap botany”. This tagging is quite inherent in the consumer’s mind, even I still remember quite clearly the tagging which is offer to the market.

Not only with their context of product packaging itself, extra Joss also deliver products right to the prospect consumer’s mind, extra Joss also launch program Generals Bang Extra Joss(Gene-B) which is program to improve emotionally benefit by selection of teenagers, man or woman in Indonesia which has a Gene-B such as has an achievement, innovative, creative, and extraordinarily. Gene-B is also a solid different action of Extra Joss, where previously Extra Joss offers a functional benefit that consumer can get energy drinks without bought the bottle.

Extra Joss also emphasizes community marketing that were previously intended for truck drivers or labor then developing target market to targeting the teenager or young people. It can be seen from the nominations their selected start from Mad Danni (as musician), Tuff Hideaway(as badminton athletes), Socio Tested (artists, singers), Mealy Gallus (as musician). Nomination fugues selected are the master of or “banyan” in their respective fields and became a favorite for teenager.

The selection of Gene-B Extra Joss also provides opportunity for consumers to choose one of several nominations which have been determined by the Extra Joss. It is intended to provide emotional bond consumer’s mind to the brand of Extra Joss. 7 This is show that the marketing strategy which is developed by PET. Banning Tuxedoed before launching the product, doing some reviews by replacing/adding a different differentiation to retain or maybe could expand its positioning which has initially Argentina the hard-working as a truck driver expands the target to teenagers are energetic.

Not end there, Extra Joss is also become an official sponsor of the 2002 World Cup with willingly to spending their budget funds near to 35 billion to be the official sponsor world cup that celebrate ones time in 4 years. Extra Joss also invited the famous football player from Italy, Alexandra Del Piper became ad star and improve the brand image of extra Joss brand to international level. Not only satisfied with the program that has been developed , Extra Joss is also aware f the dynamics of teenagers customers and then tried release a new innovation or new Varian namely: Extra Joss Tab which has tablet form with trendy packaging.

Supported by Donation as an endorser and with signature of Del Piper for tube packaging. Extra Joss strengthen their brand positioning as the master of energy drinks. In 2003, SAW Magazine Sambaed and market research company MARS giving Extra Joss award as Indonesian Best Brand Award (BIBB) as the best brand in the category of non-liquid energy drinks. For three years in a row in year 2001, 2002, and 2003, Extra Joss receive the grace of Indonesian Customer Satisfaction Award (CICS) as an energy drink in powder form by the SAW Magazine Sambaed and Frontier.

Seemingly never get bored with a lot of variety of programs their created, Extra Joss launched program Go Joss alias “Goanna Barren Extra Joss”(dance together with extra joss) in 100 cities in Indonesia. This activity utilizes the momentum “Goanna Annuli” style that is being famous in Indonesia at that time. It also proves that the emotional benefits that is established by the Extra Joss is able to strengthen the brand image which is owned, so positioning is always relevant and remain embedded in the minds of citizens or prospect consumers.

Strong brand that is embedded in the minds of the consumers not only done with one program but created a continuously program that make various changes that is offered to retain its brand positioning and strengthen the differentiation become the master of energy drinks. Conclusion Brand as an identity that is used to differentiate a product other competitors. Therefore, to create a brand must be able to be easily connected in the prospect consumer’s mind. A good brand should have to delivery a clear message, simple, easily recognize and connected your target prospects emotionally.