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Its products include Locks, access control systems, security systems and safes, typewriters and word processors, rocket launchers, refrigerators and furniture, outsourcing serene ills and chemical, mosquito repellents, car perfumes, chicken and agric;products, material handling equipment like FORKLIFT trucks, stackers, tore handlers, sweeping machines, access equipment etc. The Group is headed by Ad Godard and Smashed Godard.

Traditionally, Vigorous, a suburb to the Northeast of Iambi has been Goddess’s manufacturing base, but Increasingly the group have moved significant production facilities away from Iambi. The Godard group also owns vast land In Vigorous, occupying 3500 acres (14 km) of land on both sides of the Vigorous section of the LBS mark. That makes the Godard group the biggest private land owner in Iambi by far. Such vast land can, in theory, be used to create at least 1,500 acres (6. 1 km) of residential floor space, which, at very modest rates (RSI. 0000/sq Ft), can be sold for USED 16 billion. Thus, the Godard group Is sitting on an invisible seascape that Is an envy of other Indian conglomerates Marketing strategies of Godard group 1) Marketing segmentation Market segmentation is a marketing strategy that involves dividing a broad target market into subsets of consumers who have common needs, and then designing and implementing strategies to target their needs and desires using media channels and other touch-points that best allow to reach them.

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Market segmentation of Godard . The company Is the leader In hair coloratura with 40 per cent market share. It witnessed a 22 per cent growth in this business in IFFY. It is setting up a new facility in Skim with a cape of RSI 10 core (RSI 100 million). An analyst at HEAD Securities expects the company to maintain its market share, even as modern day evils like pollution are likely to create more users. The fashion segment in hair colors would e another driver.

Sapper says, “Our focus would be on converting non-users Into users, especially In the hair color business. ” The soaps business of Goode], which accounts for 63 per cent of its revenues, posted a 17. 5 per cent growth in IFFY, compared with the industry growth of 3. 2 per cent. The company sees good growth potential in the business and stable vegetable oil prices (the chief raw material). With a 9 per cent market share in this segment, it stands second, though way behind the market leader – Hindustan Lever – which has about 45 per cent share. Godard alms to

Increase Its share by 1 per cent every year with focus on freebies, which, however, Goddess’s soaps at 76 per cent, visit-a-visit 60-70 per cent in most other soaps, is a positive. In liquid detergents, the company is a market leader with its Zee brand at over 80 per cent market share. But this segment may see limited growth, according to analysts. In the shaving cream category, the company is trying to grow with higher- end products and improved advertising, while its talcum powder business, where it banks on freebies, is likely to remain stagnant, according to them. 2)Marketing mix of Godard

PRODUCT: Godard product is there in much kind of businesses namely Home appliance(Refrigerators, Air-conditioners, Washing machine, Microwave and DVD’s), FMC(Control, Heresy’s chocolate syrup, Good knight, Hair color and hair dye), Agric(Animal feeds, Oil palms, Plantation, Agro chemical and poultry), Furniture (Cup board,chairs, beds, Carpets and interior decoration), Real estate (Residential, Commercial township) Security solution (Safety lockers, Banking automation product indirection security system). Their product is very much trusted by people. It had coordinated brand loyalty over the periods.

It has been form the late 1897. In home appliance’s than 70% of his revenue comes from Refrigerators. In FMC they achieve most of their revenue through hair color and dye. Almost many of the companies and firms Indian’s use Godard security system because it is a trusted one also same in the case of doors and locks which is used in houses also. PRICE: There are many ways to price a product, they are Premium pricing, Penetrability’s, Economy pricing, Price skimming, Psychological pricing, Product line pricing,optional product pricing, Captive product pricing, Product bundling price,

Choreographically and Value pricing but Godard philosophy had all been to deliver value for memento its customers despite being priced economically, Godard maintained his productivity, so that is the reason many of the people do not consider about the price whenever go for brand Godard. PLACE: It is also known as channel, distribution, or intermediary. It is the mechanizations which goods/services are moved from the manufacturer to the consumer Godard home appliances are sold in retail outlets like Vacant;co. ND CarriagesВ?? In the case of FMC product it is given to the small store to big retail tore like Bazaar through theirs distributors allocated in each state or city. In the case of characteristic and doors it is available in hardware stores and security system and bioinformatics services is fitted directly by Godard. Godard ; Boyce MFC. Co. Ltd has network of 38 companies-owned showrooms and more than 2200 Wholesale dealers more than 18,000 Retail Outlets.

PROMOTION: This includes all of the tools available to the marketer for pmarketingcommunicationq. Promotions are done in four ways Advertising, Public relations,personal selling and sales promotion. Godard has a unique way of advertising their product. For example their DVD’s advertisement is considered has funny adventitiousness the people. They advertise their FMC and home appliances product throughput’s, through big banners in important cities, through through which people change to know about all the products of Godard and also about their companies. )Branding strategy of Godard Godard has an idea to b righter your life Enters the next phase of the mastermind strategy with stronger emotional appeal and consumer connect Announces Mari Khan as the face of Ideas that Make Life Brighter/ Hard Idea Se Zigzagging Muskrat ye’ integrated marketing campaign Iambi, March 25, 2013 The Godard Group, one of Indian’s most trusted conglomerate and consumer brands, today announced the next phase of the mastermind strategy. In the last 5 years, the Godard group has built on its bra ND promise of brighter living by creating a slew of innovative ideas to deliver on its consumers’ needs.

Today, the brand embarks on the next phase of its Journey. The integrated campaign of ‘Ideas that makes life brighter’ is focused on enhancing the end’s emotive appeal by showcasing the breadth of fresh ideas from within the group to its consumers in an engaging manner. Speaking on the evolution of the Godard brand, Tanya Dubbed, Executive Director and Chief Brand Officer, Godard Group stated, Over the last 5 years we have walked on the exciting Journey of managing the Godard brand as an invaluable strategic asset.

This Journey has been marked by the creation of a more contemporary entity that has created an even stronger connect with the 500 million Indians who use a Godard product or service everyday. Further, our commitment to brighter living has been ingrained in Godard culture leading to breakthrough products and services offered by the group that have lighted consumers owing to their Performa once, usage experience and design aesthetics. Ideas that make life brighter’, is essentially our showcase of brighter living and it is through this integrated campaign that we aim t o communicate the ethos of our g ill harness the strength of the mastermind through leveraging the diverse innovations across the Group and presenting them in a very engaging manner. Godard has always been at the helm of changing and redefining the marketplace which reflects in its marketing and branding strategy. The group reinforces this personality with Mari Khan as the groupware rand ambassador.

Mari Khan an international icon, who does things differently will be the face for the new campaign – Hard Idea Se Zigzagging Musketry/ Ideas that make life brighter Sharing his excitement on the association, Mir Khan said, ” Godard is a company which has always stood for the highest in quality and dependability, but along with that, it is also one of the most modern and innovative bran ads, constantly ahead of the pack. It is a pleasure to associate with such a versatile and dynamic brand.

Also, I love the creative idea of this campaign. It is challenging, and full of fun and humor”. Commenting on the campaign strategy and the choice o f Mari Khan as the brand ambassador, Shires Josh’, Head Strategic Marketing, Godard Group said ” Given the Godard Group’s wide portfolio of offerings that covers everything from personal care to property and microwaves to mould furniture, nearly 70% of a modern home can be furnished this culture of innovation that has been intrinsic to the group.

With this new campaign ‘Ideas that make life brighter’ and the iconic Mari as our groupware brand ambassador, we are certain that consumers will see the width and scale with which we fulfill our brand promise of brighter living” )Soot analysis of Godard 4)pest analysis of Godard Logo of Samsung Introduction of Samsung Samsung Group (Handgun: Hanna: -Eons; Korean pronunciation: [Sam. SAA group”]) is a South Korean multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul. It comprises numerous subsidiaries and affiliated businesses, most of them united under the Samsung brand, and is the largest South Korean cacheable.

Samsung was founded by Lee Bung-Chula in 1938 as a trading company. Over the next three decades the group diversified into areas including food processing, textiles, insurance, securities and retail. Samsung entered the electronics industry in the late asses and the construction and shipbuilding industries in the mid-asses; these areas would drive its subsequent growth. Following Lee’s death in 1987, Samsung was separated into four business groups – Samsung Group, Signage Group, CA Group and Hanson Group.