Outline for Hinduism Assignment

Outline for Hinduism Assignment Words: 152

The book describe the different decorations and the preparation of the festivals. C. Evaluation of Sources James B. Robinson wrote Hinduism in 2004 in Philadelphia. He wrote it to show the religion and culture of the Hindu community. This book is very detailed, descriptive, and very informative. The book was limited on the subjects; every chapter is a different subject. K. S. Ball Wrote Let’s Know Festivals of India in 2005. Ball wrote this book in order to show the purpose and customs Oh the Hindu holidays. This book goes into the origin of the different festivals in the Hindu community.

The author was limited in the length and descriptiveness of each festival. D. Analysis Comparable #1 – How is the holiday Navigator celebrated in a Hindu community compared too Navigator festival in the United States? Comparable #2 – What affects does the Navigator festival have on the Hindu communities?

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